An excellent command of the French language is essential; it helps students broaden their vocabularies, become familiar with a range of texts, develop self-expression and experience the pure joy of reading.

Language study encourages greater precision in how students write and speak French. The material we cover in class is wide-ranging in terms of knowledge and skills, and increases students’ learning independence.

French as a foreign language

We provide language support classes to students whose first language is not French.

Most of the learning is immersive; students attend classes for different subjects in French and join discussion groups during breaks and outside school.

If students supplement their school learning with a variety of media at home, such as reading, TV and playing games, then 2-4 FFL individual or group classes per week is all the additional support needed.

Throughout the academic year, we regularly test and assess spoken and written French using the Common European Framework of Reference for languages to ascertain student abilities and modify the support programme if necessary.


Studying philosophy can develop the ability to analyse, present reasoned arguments using specific terminology and acquire the intellectual skills necessary to actively participate in today’s world.

It encourages free discussion and critical yet measured examination of ideas, beliefs, institutions and customs.

Philosophy helps students grasp the complexities of everyday life and the different viewpoints they may encounter, fostering an open mind and favouring mutual understanding and tolerance.

Philosophy workshops

Workshops form part of the philosophy study programme in Primaire (Primary) and Cycle (Middle School).

Engaging in philosophical discussion aims to encourage independent thinking, open-mindedness and reflection.

These workshops are designed to nurture students’ awareness of their own thoughts when they compare them with others; thinking becomes more than a solitary exercise when it is performed in a group, and develops listening skills and mutual respect.