Kindergarten Geneva

Kindergarten school lasts three years and prepares children for ‘big school’ by building on the upbringing they receive at home.

The first class is the 14th grade (or ‘petite section’) and accepts children for the whole day provided they are 3 years old by 31 December of the year of entry.

In 13th grade (or ‘moyenne section’), activities focus on developing the children’s motor skills as well as their interpersonal skills and intellectual curiosity.

We aim to provide a happy and welcoming environment so that the children will feel confident and enjoy school. The sense of community is based on respect, politeness and friendship.

In 12th grade (or ‘grande section’), children begin to read and write using a range of letter forms in addition to cursive. They further their understanding of numbers, following the French programme. They develop their language skills by increasing their vocabularies and improve their written work by more attention to accuracy.

In all Kindergarten school classes, a focus on basic skills alternates with more playful activities (lotto, dominos, puzzles, construction), manual activities (drawing, colouring, painting, sewing) and musical activities (songs, rounds, rhythms) and an introduction to English.

The children are invited to think about the major Christian festivals and important events in daily life as part of the first steps in religious belief.

Bilingual track at Kindergarten