Admissions process

You can contact our Admissions team with your enquiry at any point in the year by emailing or calling 022 879 00 74.

Mr Brice Clerc, our Head of Admissions, handles all enquiries so he can get to know each child, their family and their personal circumstances.

There are 3 steps to our admissions procedure:

Step 1: Parents have initial meeting with Brice Clerc, Head of Admissions
Step 2: Prospective pupil and parents given a tour of the school
Step 3: You will be sent a letter confirming your child’s enrolment

What documents do we need from you?

Please bring the following information to your initial meeting with Mr Brice Clerc:

– Copy of official ID showing date of birth (identity card, passport)
– Copy of end-of-year school reports for the last two academic years
– Copy of school report for the current academic year

What are our admission criteria?

Children wishing to enter 14ème (3-4 years) or 13ème (4-5 years) must be toilet-trained before they start

– Previous school records
– Higher education plans
– Linguistic ability
– High-level practice of arts or sports discipline

You will receive a letter signed by the Director General confirming your child’s enrolment.

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