The arts curriculum at Florimont combines theory with practical application, giving students the freedom to express themselves within a clear technical framework.

It serves as a conduit for ideas, dreams and experiences and is designed to develop students’ sensitivity to their environment.

Whether through music or visual arts, we encourage students to become more aware of different forms of expression and new artistic styles and how they have evolved over the centuries.

L’Attique : our arts building

Opened in 2021, l’Attique is the Institut’s dedicated arts space, a place where students are free to experiment and share their ideas. We are deeply grateful to our artistic partners, such as MAMCO and Geneva’s Musée Ariana, for exhibiting certain pieces in L’Attique, enhancing and enriching our students’ appreciation of the arts.

Visual arts

Instruction in the visual arts gives students the chance to participate in the contemporary artistic world while drawing on past references.

Studying art is all about observation, reflection and experimentation.

Through practical activities which apply classical techniques (such as drawing, etching and ceramics) and digital techniques (video and animation), our students learn about the world of art, its history and how it is evolving.

Through discussion, visits to exhibitions and individual and group work, students understand the process involved in producing art as they develop their creative skills.

The knowledge and skills they acquire gives them confidence in a visual art setting.


Music education encourages personal expression and musical creativity, both as an individual and with others.

At Florimont, we believe that music is both a pleasure to create as well as listen to; our teaching programme focuses on the musical knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate, interpret and compose.

Our wide range of equipment, everything from musical instruments to computers, lets students develop both classical and contemporary music skills.

Through discussion, workshops with professional musicians and group sessions, our students acquire thorough musical knowledge.