Learning and mastering foreign languages is a vital element of 21st-century education; we place particular attention on learning languages from a very young age. Students are organised into level groups in English and German in Cycle (Middle School) to cater for all students, beginners and native speakers alike, as they progress.

At Florimont, our approach to language teaching aims to provide students with a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary as well as practical communication skills. Our programmes are in line with the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the accepted European scale for curriculum planning and assessment. The standard of English achieved by Florimont students is higher than the level expected in the Maturité and French Baccalauréat.

Foreign languages by section

Maternelle (Kindergarten) and Primaire (Primary)

Florimont offers every child the option to study in French and English from Maternelle (Kindergarten).

Children are taught 4 periods of English per week in Maternelle (Kindergarten), rising to 6 in the first two years of Primaire (Primary) school.

We teach German from 9ème (8-9 years) in mixed-ability groups. Our aim is for students to have elementary-level German (CECRL: A1) by the time they leave Primaire (Primary).

Mixing native German speakers with beginners in one group creates a positive and stimulating environment which benefits all learners.

Cycle (Middle School)

In Cycle, students have the option to study English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

In 6ème (11-12 years), students receive 5 periods per week of English and 4 periods of German or Chinese as a second language.

Students can also start learning Spanish as a second language in 4ème (13-14 years) instead of their first choice.

Secondaire 2 (Diplomas)

Students on the Swiss Maturité programme can study English, German, Italian and Spanish.

All students on the French Baccalauréat programme study English and can opt for German, Spanish or Chinese as a second language.

Chinese, Spanish or Italian are also available as an optional third language. The international section offers English or Spanish.

External examinations

External examinations (Cambridge: PET, KET and FCE) are an integral part of our language teaching. They motivate students to focus on clear objectives as well as giving a recognised qualification.

We review examinations available every year to identify how they change and how they correspond with further education requirements.

Foreign travel is a vital way for students to put what they have learnt into practice, and we arrange trips to England, Spain, Germany, Canada or China, depending on the class.