Launched in 2020, the Art/Sport stream is open to students practicing an artistic discipline or a high-level sport, as well as to those who wish to build a project in one of these fields.

It allows registered students to take advantage of a timetable adapted to their artistic or sporting needs, while maintaining a high level of academic standards. The afternoons are thus dedicated to their practice, with the exception of Mondays and Fridays. These are occupied by supervised studies for the following week’s homework or can be used for a request for early departure in competition.


The course is open to all students who have a sports or artistic project:

– for students practicing a sports discipline at a cantonal or national level or for those who have demonstrated potential in one or more disciplines.

– Students practicing a high volume of sports or artistic activities can also join the course to benefit from the flexibility and advantages of the timetable offered.

The Art/Sport structure is not just limited to an individual arrangement of the timetable, it is a whole sector and trained professionals who accompany the children towards success.

The Florimont Institute, through its network, its reputation for excellence and its history, has forged prestigious partnerships with the greatest artistic and sports institutions.

In terms of the arts, Florimont is not to be outdone; MAMCO and the Ariana Museum share their works with us through temporary exhibitions that inspire our students in our brand new arts center: Attica.


The collaboration with the OSR (Orchestre de la Suisse Romande) gives us the chance to share experiences with our students and to welcome this magnificent ensemble for concerts in our new auditorium.

Next, you will find a new video of our Art/Sport sector.

The admission procedure for the Art/Sport sector begins with an interview with Mr. Brice Clerc, admissions manager. Contact us for more information, by phone (WhatsApp possible): +41 76 695 57 17 or by email at: