“There is no set path, no set track. Each of us must constantly reinvent our life.”

(J.-N. Dumont, Que signifie réussir?).

This quotation perfectly illustrates our simple approach to career guidance at Florimont: we’re aiming to find the best route for every student to achieve what they really want to do.

Choosing a course, subject or university gets students to ask themselves questions such as: What do I like? What am I good at? These are considerations that are relevant at every stage of life. In a world where many future jobs do not even exist yet, success depends on being versatile, adaptable, flexible and having multiple skills.

At Florimont, students are free to ask our careers guidance team for help (one for French-language support and one for English-language) as they think about their future and complete applications.

Some of our students’ university choices

choose to study business, management and finance
study engineering (EPFL and ETHZ)
opt for medical school in Switzerland