Primaire (Primary)

Our primary school objective is to give our students a solid academic foundation and the social skills they will need for the future.

Our teaching approach always aims to provide a supportive environment and increase levels of achievement, while maintaining Florimont’s educational principles.

From 11ème to 7ème (6-11 years), the children learn French, German, mathematics, science, technology and digital skills, social science, art, music, physical and social education. For students who wish to take part, we also offer faith awareness (from 11ème) and Catholic instruction.

Bilingualism is key to Florimont’s primary curriculum, with students in 11ème and 10ème (6-8 years) receiving 6 periods in English and 4 periods of sports and arts in English per week.

This ratio gives students considerable scope for learning English over these 2 years, with an emphasis on developing their French reading and writing skills. In the last 3 years of Primaire (Primary), the ratio of students in the bilingual programme rises to 60% in French and 40% in English.

Lessons are taught by a team of highly qualified teachers in a multilingual and multicultural setting. The main objective is to take account of every student’s needs and abilities, and provide a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy.

Our education also works on key skills such as communication, collaboration, independence and creative thinking to develop effective learning practices throughout the school years and beyond.

To balance what they learn in the classroom, students can choose from a wide and exciting range of extra-curricular activities, from fencing or basketball to drama, piano, chess or coding!