Sharing an appreciation of science and sparking the desire to learn and understand are integral to Florimont’s mission, where learning through experience is a key element.

Ours is a highly technological world in which the sciences play a central role. Educating young people capable of finding their way in the world depends on learning and understanding science.


The importance of experimentation

Florimont offers a number of ways for students to develop their scientific interests.

Science is all about discovery, and we discover science through experimentation. Practical work is therefore central to our science curriculum and we have the latest science facilities all under one roof.

Florimont’s secondary students have one class per week working in small groups on the scientific method. This involves a range of processes, such as reflecting, formulating hypotheses, experimenting, observing, documenting and modelling. Students learn how to analyse and interpret results, and draw conclusions on the validity of their hypotheses.

Florimont has state-of-the-art laboratories for each subject where students can work on STEAM projects with the latest teaching materials, and a Fab Lab with facilities for computer-assisted experiments (3D printer and laser cutter).

Optional Courses

For students with a particular interest in mathematics and science, we offer optional MathScience courses.

Florimont is the only school offering this option which enables students to explore and experiment with maths and science through practical activities.

Students can join MathScience from 6ème to build on their scientific knowledge and skills.

STEAM club

STEAM club gives students the chance to develop their scientific, artistic and technological skills, and try new ones!