Welcome to Florimont

Built on 118 years of educational experience, the Institut draws on and modernises the best aspects of its history, providing students with an education focused on developing 21st-century skills.

At Florimont, we believe school is not just about academic learning: rather it is a process which combines the art of learning with the art of living and of being yourself. We are intent on supporting every one of our students to reach their potential and flourish as they move on through life – long after their time at Florimont is over

We offer innovative programmes, such as the Arts/Sports track or the Institut’s cultural season, to produce free-thinking and discerning individuals with a passion for their chosen discipline. We also develop our long-held values of solidarity and appreciation of hard work in students.

At Institut Florimont, every step is taken to maintain a supportive, caring community that is totally committed to your child’s development and success.

Welcome to Institut Florimont

Sean Power
General Director