Lower Secondary School Geneve

The lower secondary school is for children aged 11 (after CM2 or 7P Harmos) or 12 (8P Harmos).

This common core of three years either in French or in a bilingual programme (French/English) leads to the Swiss high school programme (Plan d’Étude Romand), a French curriculum (Ministry of Education programmes) or the International Baccalaureate (IB programmes).

From 6th grade, pupils are grouped by level during English and German lessons. They are put in for the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) and for Cambridge Schools A1 to B2, for Trinity examinations and for FIT in German. In 4th grade, they can choose to study Spanish as a second language.

Their knowledge of the arts is developed through the orchestra, a choir, visits to exhibitions and participation in a number of shows. Sports are encouraged by access to high quality equipment and sports competitions and tournaments.

A special feature of the lower secondary school is the provision of individual help with homework as well as an emphasis on bringing out the best in pupils by the use of positive assessments. Close collaboration with parents is important, including face-to-face meetings, as is close guidance by class teachers, the head of year and the head teacher. At this stage of their education, polite behaviour and good manners are expected, as a reflection of the Christian values of spirituality, solidarity and respect for each other’s differences.

Bilingual track at lower secondary