Academic excellence

Riche de son expérience centenaire, l’Institut Florimont propose le meilleur du système éducatif suisse, français et international.

With a wealth of experience over the last 100 years, Florimont offers the best of the Swiss, French and international education systems.

Our high-quality teaching combines traditional approaches with the most up-to-date methods and is built on a sound grasp of languages and science (with a focus on STEAM subjects – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and is committed to developing our pupils’ personal skills through social outreach and community service.

The pupils can follow a bilingual programme (French-English) from primary level and then choose different tracks at upper secondary: French baccalauréate, Swiss maturité with a French-English bilingual option, International Baccalaureat (IB) with a French-English bilingual option.

Florimont takes pride in our outstanding results that enable pupils to enter the best universities and institutes.


At the level of the Institute:

– Ensure the consistency of intra/inter-degree and school programs and projects
– Ensure the consistency of pedagogical and educational practices
– Ensure the consistency of digital projects

At teacher level:

– Analyse pedagogical practices through class visits in collaboration with pedagogical managers
– Organise training at the pedagogical and digital level
– Support teachers in their educational innovation projects
– Produce data and analyses on teaching practices and the mastery of digital tools, in connection with 21st century skills

At student level:

– Develop a tool allowing better individual follow-up of each student, at the academic and non-academic level (personal development, living well together, etc.)
– Produce data and statistics for the analysis of the results of standardised assessments and exams

At the parent level:

– Organise information conferences on educational innovations, on changes in education in general, in order to allow them to be involved in educational developments

Our quality charter

This charter translates the quality objective of the Florimont Institute towards its students and their parents, as well as towards its employees.

– commitment: let’s build the future of Florimont together
– good manners and respect for others: respecting others means
– respect yourself
– welcome: smile, courtesy and listening
– punctuality: the hour is the hour
– information: keep informed and inform others
– cleanliness of the premises: it is important to feel good
– working conditions: having the right tools and taking care of them
– working climate: everyone is involved
– fluid
organisation: to work better together in a team spirit
– staff training: be well trained to work well
– safety: knowing the rules and respecting them
– environment: avoid waste

All of these elements should allow us to achieve excellence in teaching, supervision and follow-up in order to provide our students with a complete training: intellectual, artistic, cultural, sporting, spiritual and civic, in the spirit of Saint Francis de Sales.

Quality is everyone’s business!