Professional training centre

Karen Ardley Associates (KAA) and Institut Florimont have formed a collaborative partnership, to ensure cutting-edge professional learning is accessible to schools and staff from across Central Europe (and beyond) in an outstanding venue.

– Face to face professional learning programmes

– Centre based programme delivery, Geneva Switzerland

– Facilitated in English, French and German

From middle management to senior management training to leadership workshops or embedding a culture of coaching in your school, Karen Ardley Associates cover a wide range of rich and diverse topics. They are equipped to address each of your needs and, we hope, provide new perspectives for your career in the field of education.

Teams that Thrive

25/05/24 – 26/05/24

The current climate demands a special kind of leader with the competence and confidence to create and be part of a thriving team. What do we mean to lead and be a member of a team that thrives? Why is this fundamental to a flourishing organisational culture?

The programme looks to deepen understanding of leadership practices that can support team effectiveness, wellness and success and develop a tool kit of strategies and approaches for strengthening individuals and teams.

Leading learning from the middle 01/07/24 – 04/07/24

This four day programme provides the opportunity for middle leaders to improve their leadership behaviours and develop the skills required to make real changes to standards in their area of responsibility.


– To deepen middle leaders’ understanding of themselves and their leadership behaviours
– To extend middle leaders’ knowledge and understanding about leadership
– To develop leadership skills

Outstanding teaching and learning in secondary 04/07/24

This one-day programme designed for Secondary teachers will explore recent evidence-based findings about outstanding teaching and learning. The programme aims to develop practical strategies to maximise progress and attainment across the curriculum, providing ideas, resources and approaches that maximise learning within the classroom.

This programme provides the opportunity for you to reflect on current practices whilst sharing new, inspiring and engaging strategies, that will impact positively upon student learning and progress.

Staff will leave the programme with a range of practical and easy-to-implement strategies and techniques that will positively impact student learning and success.


– To deepen our understanding of an effective planning cycle to ensure student progress for all learners.

– To deepen our understanding of differentiation and examine how effective our current provision is.

– To extend our knowledge on which strategies are key to successfully implementing formative assessment.

– To develop a range of practical techniques that can be implemented in the classroom.

Assessment for learning 05/07/24

This programme combines recent research findings with practical techniques focused on developing self-evaluative learners. Throughout the programme, formative assessment approaches are modelled and shared. Participants will be engaged and inspired, leaving the programme with the confidence to implement effective strategies to ensure their children progress rapidly as successful learners.


To extend and deepen the knowledge, understanding and skills associated with Assessment for Learning.

– To work collaboratively to identify and share practical classroom activities to develop pupils’ self-evaluative skills.

– To develop confidence in implementing and enthusiasm for pedagogy based on formative assessment.

Coaching skills 19/08/24

Participants of this one-day programme will explore some basic coaching models, the importance of confidentiality in coaching and explore how trust and rapport are built to underpin coaching efficacy. Engaging in practical activities which support their understanding of what coaching is and is not.


To provide an introduction to coaching as a way of working with others.

– To raise awareness and understanding about the potential power of coaching.

– To explore the key skills and qualities required for effective coaching.

Using your data effectively 20/08/24

As part of the wide range of programmes being delivered at KAA@Florimont we are delighted to be offering this popular one day programme ‘Using your Data Effectively’.

KAA has designed this programme with a supporting online tool kit for school leaders of all levels to provide guidance, research, evidence and practical ideas to help you manage your data effectively.

Programme outline

Introduction to the online tool kit and how to get the best from it.

– Using data in the context of effective evaluation

– The importance of your school context and its implications

Evidencing an outstanding curriculum 21/08/24 – 22/08/24

This programme will introduce leaders to the process of evaluating their curriculum design and pedagogical approach, starting with the vision and principles that drive the curriculum and using them to identify indicators of the difference being made.

This module will include

– Cycle of evaluation to support strategic improvement

– Processes to gather and connect high quality evidence

– Key questions and indicators of to evaluate your success

– Structured narrative of your curriculum design processes