Quality at Florimont

With a wealth of experience over the last 100 years, Florimont offers the best of the Swiss, French and international education systems.

Our high quality teaching combines traditional approaches with the most up to date methods and is built on a sound grasp of languages and science (with a focus on STEAM subjects – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and is committed to developing our pupils’ personal skills through social outreach and community service.

The pupils can follow a bilingual programme (French-English) from primary level and then choose different tracks at upper secondary: French baccalauréate, Swiss maturité with a French-English bilingual option, International Baccalaureat (IB) with a French-English bilingual option.

Florimont takes pride in our outstanding results that enable pupils to enter the best universities and institutes.

Bilingual track

Our bilingual track leads to a high level of competence in English, the accepted language of communication in academia and business.



« There is no set path, no set track. Each of us must constantly reinvent our life. » (J.-N. Dumont, Que signifie réussir?).


Community service

Florimont works with a number of organisations such as Foyer Handicap, Aigues Vertes and different local residential institutions so that pupils can become involved in the local community and offer regular support to residents.

There are also opportunities to volunteer in the organisation of the Escalade, the preservation and cleaning of the banks of the lake and a number of sporting and cultural events.

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Our Curriculum



Kindergarten lasts three years and prepares children for ‘big school’ by building on the upbringing they receive at home.



One of the aims of primary school at Florimont is to support the pupils throughout their time at school, helping them increase their knowledge and skills…

Lower Secondary (Cycle)

A common core of three years either in French or in a bilingual programme (French/English) leads to the Swiss high school programme (Plan d’Étude Romand)…

Upper Secondary (Diploma)

Florimont is the only private school preparing pupils for the Swiss Maturité, French baccalauréat and the International Baccalaureate, with each of these…

Discover the 8 disciplines taught