Is private primary school worth it? The answer depends on your educational goals, however private primary schools tend to offer higher quality and more specialized instruction, a more personalized learning environment, and the resources to ensure the success of each student. But what makes these schools in Geneva stand out?

Choosing a Private Primary School for Your Child

There are many ways attending a private primary school can benefit your child:

Specialized Instruction

The academic curriculum at a private primary school is specifically designed to meet the needs of each student. Private schools tend to offer a wide range of courses, specialized classes, and extracurricular activities that are not available in public schools. 

Smaller Class Sizes

Private primary schools typically have smaller classes, allowing more individualized instruction and attention. This also means that teachers can focus better on the needs of each student and develop a comprehensive learning plan tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. 

A Commitment to Student Success

Private schools in Geneva typically emphasize student achievement. They offer a variety of resources to help students reach their full potential, such as one-on-one tutoring, and after-school enrichment programs which are really better than public school programs.

4 Things to Look For When Choosing A Private Primary School

If you’re considering a private primary school in Geneva for your child, there are four key elements to look out for:

  1. Accreditation: Make sure that the school is accredited by an internationally recognized accrediting body such as the Association of International Schools and Colleges in Switzerland (AISC).
  2. Curriculum: Ask about the school’s teaching methodology and curriculum to ensure that it meets your expectations and supports your child’s interests. 
  3. Extracurricular Activities: Look for a school that offers a choice of extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and community service to encourage your child’s development.
  4. Reputation: Research the school’s reputation by talking to other parents and students, past and present. 

Main Reasons to Choose a Private Primary School in Geneva

Private primary schools in Geneva offer a variety of benefits to families seeking an excellent education for their child:

  • Higher Quality Education: Private schools in Geneva typically provide more resources and higher quality instruction than public schools, making them ideal for students who need additional support. 
  • Personalized Attention: Private schools often have lower student-teacher ratios, allowing teachers to focus on each child’s learning needs. 
  • A Safe Learning Environment: Private schools are well equipped to provide a safe and secure learning environment for their students. 
  • Extracurricular Opportunities: Private primary schools typically offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports and the arts, which foster a child’s growth and development. 
  • Community Connections: Private schools usually have strong connections to the local and wider Genevan community, bringing mutual benefit. 

Florimont Institut in Geneva: The Best Choice for Your Child

We understand that choosing the right private school for your child is an important decision. Institut Florimont in Geneva is the ideal choice of primary school; it offers a unique and comprehensive teaching approach and a learning program in a safe and nurturing environment that will prepare your child for academic and social success. 

At Florimont Primary School, we are committed to providing students with an exceptional educational experience beyond traditional academics. We believe in developing each student’s strengths and helping them to reach their full potential. 

With its experienced teachers and outstanding facilities, Florimont provides the perfect environment for your child to grow academically, socially and emotionally. In addition, the school’s curriculum is based on contemporary educational theories and encourages students to think creatively and develop independent learning skills in a stimulating yet supportive environment. The curriculum includes French, English (bilingual options available), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and the Arts. In addition to these core subjects, the school offers a variety of specialty programs such as music, computers, sports, and physical education.

Situated south of the city center in Petit-Lancy, Institut Florimont is a private primary and secondary school proud of its Catholic roots which offers its students a rigorous and rewarding education. The school’s vibrant student body and committed staff create an environment where pupils can grow and explore their passions, while acquiring essential 21st-century skills. 

Today, Florimont is a school proud of its heritage embodied through a set of core values which cross all denominational boundaries such as tolerance, personal involvement in the community, and excellence. These principles are fundamental to everyone in the Florimont family, where each student receives the individual attention they need to reach their full potential.

If you are looking for a private primary and secondary school that supports growth, discovery and community, Institut Florimont in Geneva is an excellent choice. With our commitment to providing a rigorous and rewarding education, fostering a sense of respect, strong values and inclusion while offering a variety of extracurricular activities and the possibilities for your child to explore their own passions, Florimont is the right option.