Private Kindergarten Geneva

Your child’s learning journey starts from their first day in kindergarten, so finding a preschool
that sets your little one on the right track from the outset is crucial. With highly qualified staff and
top-quality facilities, private kindergartens in Geneva offer an exceptional standard of education.
But is private kindergarten worth it?

Why enroll your child in private school?

A private kindergarten offers your child a quality of education that you may not find in public
schools. It also tends to have smaller class sizes and focus on individual learning and
development, allowing each student to grow their full potential from a young age.
In addition, the curriculum is more flexible, meaning that teachers can adapt what they teach to
suit each student.

How to choose the best kindergarten for your child

When comparing Geneva’s various private kindergartens, it’s useful to focus on the key points:
● Quality of teaching staff and curriculum. Ask about the teachers' qualifications, their
experience level, and the range of teaching materials they use.
● School credentials. Check whether the school is accredited by the Swiss education
authorities or has any awards or recognitions from reputable organizations in
● Grounds and amenities. Your child's safety and well-being at kindergarten should
always be a priority. Make sure that there are enough play areas, proper safety
measures, and even on-site health services.
● School fees. The fees for private kindergarten in Geneva can vary, so find the school
that best fits your budget.