Our aim is excellence, as advocated in Les Orientations pour Florimont, which means bringing the values of the school to life so that we face the future with serenity.

Why insist on quality?

The term ‘quality’ is increasingly used and with good reason, because it is a fundamental concept that ensures the feasibility of a particular activity. Longstanding organisations owe their success to their emphasis on quality standards.

A lack of quality standards leads to a waste of energy, a loss of motivation and financial costs (redundancies, errors, lost time, risk of legal proceedings).

An improvement in quality allows us to work in the best possible conditions and create a climate of trust and good working conditions but without incurring additional costs.

What is quality at Florimont?

Saint François de Sales said it clearly:“We must not stop at good when we could reach the best.”

As our main mission is to nurture and educate our pupils, quality consists of creating the best possible conditions in which to deliver the best possible teaching, for the good of our pupils as well as our staff.

The document containing the overarching principles that we must all apply at Florimont is the Quality Charter.. It is displayed throughout the school and all members of staff are asked to refer to it. .

This guarantee has gained us the quality marks ISO 9001:2015 and QSC 2.0.

Academic excellence

With a wealth of experience over the last 100 years, Florimont offers the best of the Swiss, French and international education systems.

Our high quality teaching combines traditional approaches with the most up to date methods and is built on a sound grasp of languages and science (with a focus on STEAM subjects – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and is committed to developing our pupils’ personal skills through social outreach and community service.

The pupils can follow a bilingual programme (French-English) from primary level and then choose different tracks at upper secondary: French baccalauréate, Swiss maturité with a French-English bilingual option, International Baccalaureat (IB) with a French-English bilingual option.

Florimont takes pride in our outstanding results that enable pupils to enter the best universities and institutes.

Reference document

Our quality charter