Lunches at Florimont

School lunches are provided by the catering firm Novae, with five cooks working under the supervision of the chef M. Christopher Benatier.

The team guarantees the highest standards of hygiene and prepares about 1,400 meals a day. All the dishes are planned with advice from a dietician who ensures they are balanced nutritionally and meet the ‘fourchette vert’ label. A vegetarian option is also available every day.

fourchette verte
Label Fourchette Verte

A standard menu consists of:

Novae and Florimont

Novae and Florimont give preference to items that are in season, fresh, environmentally friendly, locally sourced and organic.

Their traceability is also very important. The products used come mainly from Geneva (with the label Genève Région Terre Avenir), from Switzerland or, by default, from the EU (saltwater fish, for example). The cleaning products are also environmentally friendly and carry the appropriate label (Fleur de l’UE).