The arts education curriculum at Florimont combines theory and practical application and allows pupils to give free rein to their expression within a rigorous framework.

It serves as a conduit for ideas, wishes and experiences and is designed to develop pupils’ sensitivity towards their environment. Whether in music or in the visual arts, we try to increase pupils’ awareness of different forms of expression and new artistic styles while maintaining an important link with the past.

Our teaching is focused on developing skills as well as a love of the discipline.

L’Attique – Our Arts building

Following our December teaser, we are pleased to present L’Attique, the Institute’s new Arts space. A place of creation, experimentation and encounter. The artistic and cultural education of the students will be supported in particular by our exceptional partners, such as MAMCO and the Ariana Museum, which participated in the project to launch the Attica and which we wholeheartedly rewarded.

Visual arts

Instruction in the visual arts offers pupils the opportunity to be part of the contemporary artistic world while drawing on references to the past.

Experimentation, reflection and observation are at the heart of the discipline.

Thanks to a range of practical activities involving classic techniques (drawing, etching, ceramics) and digital techniques (video, animation), the classes allow pupils to learn about the world of art past and present.

Through discussion, visits to exhibitions and individual and group work, pupils gain an understanding about creating and producing a work of art as they develop their own creative skills.

Their knowledge and skills enable them to feel at ease in the world of visual culture.


Music education encourages personal expression and musical creativity, both individual and with others.

As a starting point, we believe that music is both a pleasure to create as well as to listen to and so the programme focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary for appreciating, interpreting and composing music.

The curriculum is based on a traditional approach to music theory in parallel with practical experience through the medium of the piano, percussion and the guitar.

The programme also makes use of digital technology, now an essential part of the contemporary music world, as well as opportunities to attend music events.

Arts space

L’Attique is the Arts space of the Florimont Institute, inaugurated in 2021.

A place of creation, experimentation and meeting where our students can express their creativity and acquire know-how through painting, drawing, engraving and ceramics.

The artistic and cultural education of the students is supported by our exceptional partners, such as MAMCO and the Ariana Museum, who do us the honor of exhibiting various collections there.