Foreign languages 1 and 2

Mastering different languages is an essential element of a 21st century education so foreign language learning is prioritised.

From the 9th grade in primary school, Florimont offers pupils the possibility of studying in French and English. In the cycle, pupils have the possibility of studying in English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

To facilitate learning, pupils are grouped according to their level in English and German to cater for beginners as well as native speakers.

At Florimont, the approach to language teaching aims at providing pupils with a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary as well practical communication skills.

Our programmes are aligned with the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for languages, the accepted scale in Europe for curriculum planning and assessment. At Florimont, pupils’ level in English is higher than that expected at the maturité and the baccalauréat.


Foreign languages learning per section


External examinations

External examinations (Cambridge: PET, KET and FCE) are an integral part of our approach to language teaching.

They motivate pupils to achieve ambitious objectives as well as providing them with a recognised certificate.

We review the list of examinations offered annually in terms of any modifications as well as the demands of higher education institutions.

To enable pupils to apply and improve their language skills, visits abroad are arranged for different classes, including to England, Spain, Germany, Canada or China.

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