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School transport

School transport

In absolute safety and without wasting time

Florimont’s buses call at homes according to routes that are defined every year.

Where necessary, the Management reserves the right to change the timetables and routes at any time. Furthermore, to ensure that every student is aware of the rules that must be followed on the bus, we have established a Code of Conduct, which must be signed by parents and students.  If a driver informs us of a breach of the rules, a first warning will be sent to the student. After 3 warnings, the student will be definitively excluded from school transport.

General rules

  • Students must never stand in the road when waiting for the bus. They must stay on the pavement or by the side of the road.
  • Students must go to the stops indicated by the school transport service in good time.
  • Students and/or their parents shall be required to reimburse the costs of replacing or repairing any damage caused by the student.
  • Students must fasten their seatbelts as soon as they sit down on the bus and keep them fastened until they arrive.
  • Students must talk quietly, without shouting or whistling. Bad or vulgar language is prohibited on the vehicle.
  • No eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Students must not speak to the driver when the vehicle is in motion, other than in case of emergency.
  • Students must keep the vehicle clean and tidy.
  • At all times, and particularly when boarding or disembarking from the vehicle, students must act sensibly and think about safety.
  • Students must obey the driver’s instructions. It is in particular prohibited to:
  • Push;
  • Move around or stand-up when the vehicle is moving;
  • Put their heads or arms out of the windows;
  • Throw objects inside the bus or out of the windows;
  • Touch the door mechanism;
  • Drop rubbish inside the vehicle;
  • Damage the seats or other parts of the bus.

For prices, please consult this document.

For the General Terms and Conditions, please consult this document.
Please ask Mrs. L. Russo at reception for more specific information about the bus stops.


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