Our mission

Enable each pupil to achieve their full potential.

Founded in 1905 by the Missionaries of St François de Sales, Florimont is a Catholic school that has had a lay management team since 1995.

Since the beginning, our driving force has been to enable each pupil to achieve their full potential in a warm and welcoming environment.

We have always known how to draw on the best aspects of our past and incorporate it with the present to give our pupils a comprehensive education. In an atmosphere of mutual trust, we encourage open-mindedness and adhere to firm principles in all we undertake.

We do not compromise on standards – not for ourselves nor for our pupils – so that we can get the best out of everybody. We support our pupils throughout their time at school and ensure that they are successful in all they do. From the very beginning, we have shared a real “Flo Spirit” with our community: we are connected to our families, our local institutions and our cultural, sporting and artistic partners.

Sustained by our strong values and the support of our trusted partners, all our pupils are able to bring out the best in themselves. Here at Florimont, school is not limited to academic subjects: it is a process made up of the art of learning, the art of living and the art of being oneself. The heart of our mission is to give individual attention to each of our pupils so they reveal the potential that will lead to fulfilment throughout their lives – well beyond our Institut’s walls.

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With a wealth of experience over the last 100 years, Florimont offers the best of the Swiss, French and international education systems.

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