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The Swiss Maturité Section

The curriculum for the cantonal maturité (French or bilingual French/English) implements a programme that complies with the institutional requirements defined by the Department of Public Education leading students to a degree that opens without examination the doors of all Swiss universities.

It offers an introduction to specific options in the first year (bio-chemistry, physics/applied mathematics or economics/law, Spanish) and one or the other in the second year, subjects at an advanced level (mathematics or German/Italian or English) and two artistic disciplines (visual arts or music).

The maturity curriculum promotes autonomy through the “maturité project” held before a jury.

The students of the maturité section can benefit from the many projects set up by the Institute such as the introduction to the world of business through an internship as well as solidarity projects, debating clubs, the “Student United Nations “and” the Duke of Edinburgh International Award “.

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