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The different lessons in the mathematics department

Whether mathematics is seen as a set of knowledge, an abstract system of ideas or a tool, it is everywhere around us.

Our students are taught a foundation of core skills, including problem-solving, logical thinking, number, algebra, and use of computers. At all ages and academic levels, we try to challenge, motivate and encourage, while making mathematics enjoyable, relevant and fun to learn.

By studying mathematics, students develop the capacities to consider and resolve problems, calculate and quantify, describe, analyse and model, reason, argue their case, and learning through practice.
For students at Florimont, learning mathematics has the following aims:

  • Developing logical and creative thinking to resolve problems,
  • Developing capacities for reasoning and abstract thought,
  • Learning to communicate and debate in a structured manner,
  • Knowing the historical, international and universal aspects of mathematics.

Florimont also offers willing students the opportunity to take their knowledge of mathematics further:

MathSciences Option

This option is designed to examine aspects of maths and physics that are not part of the official curriculum, thus allowing students to broaden their scientific culture. It is particularly aimed at students with a clear interest in these subjects.

Maths Club

At Maths Club, the youngest pupils (primary and middle school) can take part in the “Kangourou” competition and train their abilities for logical problem solving. At the senior school, students can take part in the “MATh.en.JEANS” activity, where they combine their problem-solving abilities in groups of three or four to try and resolve the problems posed by one or more mathematical researchers. They then present their findings at a symposium that brings together several hundred pupils from across France.

The Athéna Programme from Geneva University

Pupils in the last two years at school who have a marked scientific profile can take part in the Athéna Project with Geneva University. This project offers students the chance to attend a course of their choice at the university for one semester, with the support of a personal tutor, and with the awarding of ECTS credits if they pass.

Teaching Methods at Florimont

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