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Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology

STEM, what is it ? STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths) represent a cross-section of scientific subjects and mathematics. It is an educational approach that aims to show students the links between different scientific subjects, but also the links between what is done in class and the outside world, whether industrial or scientific. Specifically, a multidisciplinary approach is taken in the classroom to address the various themes of the program, as well as combining new technologies with coding, physical computing and robotics. The parallel is made between the notions addressed and their applications in the fields of industry and engineering.

STEM at Florimont

  • Science and math courses

The middle school science and math programs are revisited to give them a strong STEM focus. This overhaul first includes physics and chemistry with links to mathematics then it will be extended to biology later in the year.

  • Scientific curriculum across the grades

A complete computer course is designed from the three years of middle school through to the first year in high school, to give students the computer skills needed to operate the computer they receive at the beginning of high school. Multidisciplinarity is put forward to show students that computer science is a tool at the service of their learning process. This course also includes an introduction to coding (through Scratch, then Python) and later in the year to robotics (Thymio robot).

  • STEM options

The Math/Sciences options are transformed into a STEM club. These options aim to provide students with activities as to deepen and diversify their scientific and technological culture.

  • Math & Robotics clubs

The Math and Robotics club activities include robotics (Thymio and Mbot robots), coding (Scratch, Blockly, Python), computer competitions and cryptography (Computer Beaver, AlKindi, Algorea), and also 3D printing, Coding Weeks.

  • MATh.en.JEANS workshop

The aim of these workshops is to develop students’ taste for mathematical research, to offer them exchanges with researchers in the field of mathematics or to learn how to write scientific articles.

  • Future Kids, Techspark Academy

Florimont collaborates with two organisations with university-level teachers who offer computer and robotics classes as well as internships during school holidays or during the school year as extra-curricular courses.








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