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Foreign Languages 1 and 2

Foreign Languages 1 and 2

The different lessons in the languages department

Discovering and mastering foreign languages is an essential part of preparing students to be citizens in the 21st Century.

At the Primary Section, English is taught for 2 periods every week for infants and for three periods thereafter. Classes are organised by level from Year 10, including a group for native speakers. German classes begin in Year 9 with a general level and a group for native speakers.

At the Middle School (Cycle), students in Year 6 study English (6 periods per week) and have the choice between German and Chinese (4 periods) as a second language. In Year 4, if they so wish, they can choose to study Spanish instead.
Our students studying for the Swiss Maturité have the opportunity to learn English, German, Italian and Spanish. In the French Baccalaureate section, they study English and can choose a second modern language such as German, Spanish, Italian or Chinese. They can also choose Chinese, Spanish or Italian as a third language. Students in the international section can choose between the same languages.
In order to facilitate language acquisition and teaching, pupils are organised in groups of different levels in English and German. In this way, the needs of native speakers and beginners can be met. Language teaching at Florimont aims to provide students with solid bases in grammar and vocabulary, as well as practical skills that will allow them to communicate easily and effectively. Our programmes follow the Council of Europe’s  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is a scale that is generally accepted in Europe to assign objectives and assess the level of learning achieved.

External examinations are an integral part of our languages policy. At this stage, they allow us both to stimulate students with ambitious learning objectives and it offers them certification of the linguistic level attained. We review the list of examinations on offer every year in light of their developments and the requirements of leading universities. In order to allow the children to improve the language skills they learn at the Institut, foreign trips are organised throughout the year for different classes. In this way our students can visit England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada or China.

Teaching methods at Florimont

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