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The different lessons in the arts department

The Arts

The Institut Florimont offers an arts programme based on both theory and practice. It is intended to be open and intuitive, whilst maintaining a clear and rigorous structure. It acts as a vector for ideas, desires, and experiences. Our teaching aims to develop students’ sensitivity and intelligence with regard to their environment and the world around them. Both in terms of music and the visual arts, we work together to increase children’s awareness of the different forms of expression and new artistic trends, but keep a strong link to the past. Developing their skills and a positive approach to the discipline are at the heart or our teaching.

Visual arts

Learning the visual arts allows students to find their place in the contemporary arts world, whilst referring to the past. Experimentation, reflection and observation are at the heart of this discipline. Through a varied practice with the opportunity to work using traditional and digital techniques, pupils are offered a better understanding of the challenges of contemporary art and have the chance to open themselves up to the surrounding world. Through oral interaction, visits to exhibitions, and individual and collective work, they discover the notions of conceiving and producing art, whilst working on their own creative process. In this way, they acquire both the theoretical and the practical knowledge to find their place in the cultural world.


Learning music opens the path to personal expression and musical creativity. By taking into account the sensitivity and the pleasure of making music as well as listening to it, the diversity of teaching situations offers the cultural and technical knowledge required to develop capacities to listen, interpret and compose. It is part of a particularly contemporary vision of the discipline. From this standpoint, the programme offered to pupils at Florimont uses both a traditional approach to musical notions and modern techniques, by using digital technology in particular to allow students to situate themselves in their period and have a broad musical approach.

Teaching methods at Florimont

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