A Swiss school open to the world

Teaching and learning

Our aim

  • – To ensure pupils make individual and regular progress and achieve a high level of success in official exams through continuous testing of knowledge, systematic verification of attendance, and personal educational assistance.
  • – To work closely with parents to ensure the best education for their child.
  • – To offer teaching and learning that respects individual differences and that is open to foreign cultures.
  • – To assist and support students in their preparation to enter higher education.
  • – To offer pupils a balanced, well-rounded curriculum.
  • – To encourage awareness of christian values and beliefs as well as those of other faiths.

For further details about each academic discipline, please see the categories below.

the “guidelines“ for Florimont

The Institut’s framework document (in French).



It is essential that pupils master the French language, enrich their vocabulary, discover classic and modern texts and the joys of reading in order to elaborate and transmit their own ideas.

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Foreign languages 1 and 2

Discovering and mastering foreign languages is an essential aspect of preparing the citizens of the 21st Century. That is why great care is taken in developing the teaching of languages.

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In our science classes, we set out to inspire and sustain an interest in biology, chemistry and physics. We take a hands-on approach to teaching, encouraging students to develop practical skills, and a sense of enquiry and objectivity. Lessons take place in purpose-built laboratories, as well as making use of the wider surrounding environment wherever possible.

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Studying mathematics allows students to develop logical thinking and creativity, capacities to reason and devising abstract thought.

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The humanities allow students to apply a learned and critical eye to society, thanks to knowledge and methods they have acquired from lessons in history, geography, and economics.

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Sports play an important role in Florimont as, in addition to teaching about life, they contribute to the health of our pupils and optimise their academic achievements.

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Art lessons are designed to foster creativity, visual literacy and problem-solving skills. Students also take an active role in the musical life of the school by being involved in orchestral, jazz and rock instruments, drum kit and percussion, piano, singing, and music technology.

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Innovation & Technology

STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths) represent a cross-section of scientific subjects and mathematics.

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Our Curricula

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About the Institut

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