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Extra-curricular activities


Playing sports, music, computing, painting, drama, and dance all incite children to innovate and develop a sense of commitment and social bonds.

Many options are on offer. To avoid overloading children, who also need time to let off steam during a break, they are limited to two activities per pupil. Most activities take place during the lunch break from 12.10 pm to 1 pm in primary school and from 1 pm to 1.45 pm in secondary school. Only the timetables for activities outside this time bracket are specified.

Spaces for activities are limited. Registrations are taken into account on a first come first served basis. You will receive an invoice to confirm the registration.

When a lesson is fully booked, we will put the next pupils on a waiting list. The Institut reserves the right not to offer an activity if there are insufficient numbers of students interested or to refuse a registration if payment is not received within 15 days of the issuing of an invoice.

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Extra-curricular activities 2017


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Descriptive information about the offered activities by level.

Nursery and Primary Middle School (Cycle) Secondary School

Florimont-Lancy Fencing

The club welcomes you to take part in this traditional sport in a fun atmosphere.

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International Award

A derivative of the “Duke of Edinburgh’s Award” open to secondary school students from Fourth Form


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Extra-curricular activities at Florimont are limited to two per pupil. Most activities take place during the lunch break. Timetables are only given for activities that take place outside this period.

The extra-curricular activities on offer are as follows: English Club, writing workshop, creating computer animations (FutureKids), yoga and relaxation, designing jewellery, music groups, drama, painting, Spanish Club, German Club, Robotics (FutureKids), creating computer applications (FutureKids), fencing, chess, climbing, astronomy, speaking and listening workshop, Scottish Club, creating websites (FutureKids), zumba, ceramics workshop, sculpture workshops, image and cinema, the media and me, Math.en.Jeans, another kind of economics, and conflicts and strategies from our history.


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