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Middle School (Cycle – Secondaire 1)

Middle School
(Cycle – Secondaire 1)

Middle School (Cycle – Secondaire 1)

This section is open to children from age 11.

It is common core for three years in either French or bilingual French/English. The goal is to prepare students for:

  • Swiss system (Plan d’etude romand)
  • French national curriculum
  • International Baccalaureate standards (IB)

Year 6 students study English and German. They take the Cambridge Preliminary English Test (PET) and the FIT in Deutsch (Goethe Institute certificate).

Year 4 students can study Spanish as a second language.

Art is introduced through orchestra, choir, visits to exhibitions, participation in performance. Sports are encouraged using high level equipment, competitions and tournaments. Daily homework is supervised by staff in close cooperation with parents, teachers, prefects, and head of year.

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