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Nursery (Maternelle)

Nursery (Maternelle)

Nursery Section (maternelle)

As a complement to family life, the nursery section consists of three years to prepare children for entrance in primary school.

The first class at Florimont is known as Year 14. Girls and boys who will be 3 years old at the end of the year in which they join the school come for the whole school day.

In Year 13, the second year in the nursery section, children continue to learn activities to develop their motor skills, and emotional, relationship and intellectual abilities.
Every effort is made to ensure that they have a pleasant and warm environment to make children feel confident and ensure they like school. Society’s rules for living are based on the essential notions of respect, politeness and friendship.

In Year 12, the final year at nursery school, the children are given an initiation to reading and writing print, as well as cursive script. They continue to discover numbers according to the French curriculum. They develop their mastery of French by progressively enriching their vocabulary and improve the efficiency of their work by learning to concentrate.

In all the Nursery classes, the essentials of learning are alternated with fun activities (bingo, dominoes, jigsaws, constructions), practical work (graphic arts, design, colouring, painting, sewing), music (singing, rounds, rhythm) and an introduction to English (2 periods per week).

An introduction to faith allows children to consider the major Christian festivals and the important events in everyday life.

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