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High School (Secondaire 2)

Senior School (Secondaire 2)

Senior School is divided into three sections:

  • The French historical section preparing for the French baccalauréat,
  • The Swiss section preparing for the maturité cantonale,
  • The international section preparing for the international baccalaureate.

The sections offer curricula marked by a participatory and caring pedagogy, attentive to the specific needs of the students, in accordance with their respective official programs: namely those of the French National Education curriculum, the Department of Public Instruction in Geneva, the IBO.

Each of the courses offered in these sections is carried out over four years and the Institut Florimont ensures that it is possible to accompany the families and pupils in their choice as accurately as possible. It is important that an orientation is not definitive and can be adjusted throughout the students’ development.

The Swiss maturité interne section

The curriculum for the cantonal maturité (French or bilingual French/English) implements a programme that complies with the institutional requirements defined by the Department of Public Education leading students to a degree that opens without examination the doors of all Swiss universities.

It offers an introduction to specific options in the first year (bio-chemistry, physics/applied mathematics or economics/law, Spanish) and one or the other in the second year, subjects at an advanced level (mathematics or German/Italian or English) and two artistic disciplines (visual arts or music).

The maturity curriculum promotes autonomy through the “maturité project” held before a jury.

The students of the maturité section can benefit from the many projects set up by the Institute such as the introduction to the world of business through an internship as well as solidarity projects, debating clubs, the “Student United Nations “and” the Duke of Edinburgh International Award “.

The French Baccalaureate Section

The curriculum offers a complete and balanced programme composed of the following elements:

  • humanities (Latin, French, philosophy, languages),
  • social sciences (history, geography, religious studies, economics),
  • science (physics, life and earth Sciences, computer science),
  • mathematics,
  • arts,
  • physical and sports education.

This broad programme, while respecting the French National Education system, develops basic knowledge and fundamentals, strengthens interdisciplinary exchange, and applies digital technology wherever possible. Students “learn and understand by doing” through class projects, supervised personal works, and adherence to the various activities proposed. They realize that the disciplines complement each other and respond as reflection is at the heart of learning. Future baccalauréat holders, thanks to the flexibility of a system in which adjustments in orientation are possible up to entry into the last year of high school (Terminale), can give themselves the time and the means to know themselves in order to follow higher studies most suited to their personality. Thus many of them are able to choose between the best universities, whether in France or abroad.

The International Baccalaureate Section (IB)

The International Section (French or bilingual French/English) offers access to the best international and Swiss universities after 4 years (32 points/42 for the latter). Florimont’s International Year 3 and Year 2 are preparatory years that provide multi-disciplinary and interactive teaching for all subject groups according to curricula inspired by Swiss, French and English-speaking programmes. Florimont’s Première and Terminale are IB years that are subject to the Diploma Programme rules defined by The International Baccalaureate Organisation (www.ibo.org): the choice between 6 subject groups (3 at Higher Level and 3 at Standard Level), one in each of the 6 following categories: studies in language and literature, language acquisition, individuals and societies, sciences, mathematics, and the arts. 
The curriculum is completed by a common core (The Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and Creativity, Activity, Service, which encourages students to pursue artistic and sports activities and charitable works).

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