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Bilingual Section

Bilingual Section

Bilingual teaching at Florimont

The bilingual system is implemented in the first two years of high school. Pupils study some subjects in English.

There are two groups: Honors or Expert User. Each group has its own program and teacher. The following subjects are taught in English :

  • Sport
  • Design
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Science
  • History / Geography (taught alternatively in English and French, changing each semester)

Not all pupils can benefit from bilingual teaching when they start Year 6, as they need to demonstrate a solid mastery of English in order to do so. For this reason, only those with a level A2 and that can be accepted at Florimont in the Advanced and Expert User language level in Year 7 (UK Year 5) will be admitted to the bilingual system in Year 6, if their parents so wish. Access to the bilingual class is however not closed to children with a level 3 in English, provided that they have obtained an average of 15 in English in Year 6 and a general pass mark.

There are therefore ways for some students to join a bilingual class through hard work and regular exposure to English through an optional “English Club” in Year 6. The same applies for Year 5 (UK Year 7), any student from level 3 can join the bilingual class in Year 4 (UK Year 8) if they pass the PET exam.

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