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florimont, in a changing world…

Inspired by the teaching of St. Francis de Sales, Institut Florimont takes its inspiration from the philosophy of St. Francis de Sales, offers landmarks to help children to experiment with a way of living, a way of learning, to overcome doubts, to have faith in themselves and build the capacity to aspire to higher education.

the “guidelines“ for florimont

The Institut’s framework document.


Nursery School (maternelle)

As a complement to family life, the nursery section consists of three years to prepare children for entrance in primary school.

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Junior School (Primaire)

One mission of the Junior School is to help students acquire knowledge and independence which will assist them throughout life and help them to recognize their own abilities and achieve academic excellence.

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Middle School (Cycle – Secondaire 1)

A three-year program either francophone or bilingual (French/English) preparing students for the Swiss system (Plan d’Etudes romand), French National Curriculum or the international system (IB programmes).

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Senior School (Secondaire 2)

Programs leading to Swiss maturité, French baccalaureate and international baccalaureate (IB)

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Bilingual section

Our bilingual section allows students to master English, the essential language for communication and interaction in the world of higher education and business.

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Admissions procedure & fees

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Choice of universities

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