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The fruit of a hundred years of history

Florimont’s campus has been modernised and refurbished to continue to meet our requirements and to allow everybody to work under the best conditions. Please take a look around our new campus.

Our school’s vocation is to offer high-quality teaching and guidance, inspired by the philosophy of St Francis de Sales. The highest standards of teaching, thoroughness, assistance, spiritual guidance, and personal development are our priorities.

To successfully perform its educational mission, Florimont feels it is important to answer four fundamental questions about how the establishment works:

  • How well does our teaching offer meet the requirements of the modern world and what will these requirements be in the future?
  • Are we properly trained and do we have the expertise needed to meet these requirements?
  • Do we have all the resources to meet the requirements and fulfil our mission?
  • Do we have the appropriate framework and infrastructure?

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