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No matter how much you can donate, your support is important to us.

The Institut Florimont is a not-for-profit association. We need support from Florimont’s community to help us to achieve our ambitions. School fees cover our annual costs, but private donations can help us to support trips that are not covered by school fees or to pay for new infrastructure projects.
You can make a contribution to the Institute in two ways. To offer a general donation to the Institut, tick the Peu Importe (Any) box. We most frequently need to allocate additional funds to increase or replace IT equipment in order to keep up to date with the refurbishing of classes and computer technology. Your general support can help us to amortise this digital transition or to buy more books for the library.
To support educational and environmental trips for families of children who cannot always pay more than their school fees, please tick the Projets Florimontains (Florimont’s Projects) box.
Please remember that any donation made to the Institut is tax deductible at a Cantonal or Federal level in Switzerland.

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