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The Spirit of Flo

“The Spirit of Flo”

At the initiative of the Former Pupils Alumni Association, the teaching staff, Missionaries of Saint-Francis de Sales and former pupils have worked together to sum up the Spirit of Florimont in 11 points.

The Spirit of Flo

1- Excellence
I adhere to the words of St. Francis de Sales, “We should not settle for good when we could achieve better”.

2- Spirituality
If I cannot experience God then I should show respect the eternity inherent in the spiritual dimension of His creation.

3- Tolerance, Openness
My perception of the world is enriched by openness to cultural differences and to the religions of others.

4- Objectivity, Impartiality
I should not measure the value of others by their failings or their worldly success.

5- Solidarity
is a highly esteemed goal

6- Exemplarity, Altruism
behaving well is the best way to lead others to have confidence in themselves and in humanity

7- Friendship
is a valuable and priceless virtue

8- Listening
arguing less, speaking clearly and listening is the most effective path to good dialog.

9- Modesty, Humility
intelligent consideration of my behavior should lead me away from being a victim of my own vanity.

10- Progress, Experience, Development
recognize that correcting my errors will make me grow.

11- Rigour, Education
avoid weakening demagogy and favor righteous authority.

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