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Mothers Prayers

Mothers Prayers

Do you know “Mothers Prayers”?
“Mothers Prayers” is for all those who wish to pray together for their children, grandchildren, and all the children in the world.

“Mothers Prayers” is ecumenical.

Every week, 2 to 8 mothers meet at one of their homes to pray, according to a procedure defined in a small prayer book (the same one is used throughout the world and has already been translated into 30 languages!).

For the fourth consecutive year, and because our school is Catholic, whilst favouring ecumenicalism:


Every Friday morning, as soon as we have dropped off our children (at around 8.15 am), a few mothers meet to pray in the small chapel next door to the Primary School.

If you are interested, come and join the group!
A second group can be organised at a different time on another day.

For more information (what happens at the group, “logistical” organisation according to everybody’s timetable, etc.), please contact Catherine Best (her telephone number and contact details are available from reception)

You can also visit the (French) website: www.prieredesmeres.com

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