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Guiding principles

florimont, in a changing world…

Founded in 1905 by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales, the Institut Florimont is a Catholic school that has been governed by lay people since 1995. However, the governing body works closely with the religious order that still owns the Institut and ensures that the major guidelines that it has given are followed.

The “Guidelines“ for florimont

The Institut is steeped in essential values that are expressed in “Les Orientations pour Florimont” (in French).


the spirit of flo

At the initiative of the Alumni Association, our current teaching staff, Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales and former pupils have worked together to sum up the Spirit of Florimont in 11 points.

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the order of the Missionaries of Saint Francis of Sales

The first missionaries were priests from the diocese of Annecy, brought together by Father Pierre-Marie Mermier (1790-1862) who went from parish to parish to perform missions, emphasising preaching to restore the faith that had been affected by the troubles of the French Revolution.

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Saint Francis de Sales

Saint Francis de Sales was born in 1567, five years after the death of Calvin.

He was ordained as the Bishop of Geneva in 1602, three days before the famous “Escalade” that marked the definitive independence of the city from Charles-Emmanuel, Duke of Savoy. Francis de Sales died in 1622 on his return from a diplomatic mission and his body lies at the Church of Saint Francis in Annecy. He was canonised in 1665.

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Mothers Prayers

“Mothers Prayers” is for all those who wish to pray together for their children, grandchildren and all the children in the world.

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Charitable activities

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