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The history of Florimont

The history of

a hundred years of history

Florimont was founded in 1905 by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales. It is a catholic school that has been governed by lay people since 1995, working closely with the religious order that still owns the school and ensures that the major guidelines are followed.

Institut Florimont is a private catholic school open to all religions. We offer education from kindergarten through to entry to university. More than 70 nationalities are represented.

Since 2006, a major renovation project has been underway on campus to ensure that our school community benefits from the most up to date resources and a 21st century learning environment.

Florimont aims to ensure that every child achieves his or her full potential. In the words of Saint Francis de Sales­: “We must not settle for good when we could achieve better”.

the “guidelines“ for florimont

The Institut is imbued with the essential values that are described in “Les Orientations pour Florimont” (in French).”


A few key dates




Founding of the Alumni Association and adoption of the coat of arms


Introduction of the preparation for the Maturité Fédérale Swiss School leavers examination


New buiding for the primary section

Florimont’s archives

Knowledge, a priceless resource

Florimont’s archives are located in purpose-built premises. The knowledge contained in these unique and priceless books and documents is invaluable.

The collection includes the personal archives of Missionaries who dedicated their lives to spreading the catholic faith and the Salesian spirit throughout Switzerland, France and India. Part of the collection pays tribute to Florimont’s teachers and pupils renowned for their achievements in the arts, sciences and literature, as well as their acts of courage during both WWI and WWII.

Father Louis Favre, once Proctor at Florimont and a teacher at Ville-la-Grand, was shot by Nazis for helping refugees to cross the French/Swiss border.

Father Basile Luyet, a former science teacher at Florimont was at the forefront of cryobiology.

Constant Rey-Millet painted his first water colors at Florimont.

Today’s pupils are inspired by the examples of these former Florimontains whose experience, courage and achievements are emphasised in the tradition of the “Academie Florimontaine”, founded by Francis de Sales in 1607.

Whilst preparing for the celebration of Florimont’s centenary researchers found many valuable artifacts in the large library and museum maintained by the Salesian Fathers.

Current exhibits include:

  • the papal bull of Pope Innocent X
  • a letter patent issued by Charles-Albert of Savoy
  • an illuminated missal dated from the 16th century

The archives are open to staff and pupils every Wednesday from 9-12.30
Contact Mrs. Lorenzi – Klorenzini@florimont.ch 076 370 1383

flo of yesteryear

In March 2008, a local TV station, Leman Bleu broadcast a film about the Institut. Produced by Mr. Charrier of Autrefois Geneve the documentary is based on photos and remembrances of former pupils. Assisting was former pupil and teacher at Florimont Beatrice Ambrices (Charrier).

In November 2008, Pascal Decaillet a former pupil at Florimont presented a slide-show of photos from WWI on the TV show “Genève à chaud“.

In 2011 a second slide-show was created by Mrs. Ambrics to accompany an organ recital performed in Florimont’s chapel by Mr. Vellut.

Mrs. Ambrics also created a second slideshow for an organ recital that was given in Florimont’s chapel as part of the Lancy d’Autrefois exhibition in 2011.

Illustrations from the Beatus de Liebana from the Institut Florimont (entrusted to Geneva Library) and the Missal from the 16th Century, accompanied by Mr.Vellut on Florimont’s organ.

Lancy TV also filmed a video report during the 2011 exhibition by the Lancy d’Autrefois Association.

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