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Quality at

Aiming for the level of excellence required by the Guidelines for Florimont means living by the school’s values and which will influence the students’ future.

Why should we be concerned about quality?
The word “Quality” is fundamental to the viability of an activity. Excellence is a hallmark of success. A lack of quality wastes energy, reduces motivation and has financial costs – redundancy, legal liability.

The purpose of quality is therefore to provide an appropriate offering to pupils and parents. But quality does not only apply to service quality, it must also reflect the quality of the established best practices and instructions.

Improving quality must allow us to work in the best possible conditions, which means a relationship built on trust, pleasant working conditions and helping us to avoid excess costs.

What does quality mean at Florimont?

It means doing things in the best way to achieve excellence, as we were taught by Saint Francis de Sales­: “We must not settle for good when we could achieve better”.

In real terms, and in view of our central mission to teach pupils, quality means creating the optimal conditions to offer the best possible education, in everybody’s interest, pupils and staff.

We are therefore all concerned by the notion of quality: quality is everybody’s business.

The reference document that gives the general guiding principles that we must all apply at Florimont, is our Quality charter. It is displayed in various places around the Institut and we must all refer to it.

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