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School Policies

School Policies

Educational framework and know-how

Basic school policies are inspired by two fundamental documents:

Its purpose is to encourage a climate of trust beneficial within the school community. Each member of the school environment is therefore committed to respecting these rules, the purpose of which is to facilitate the operation of the Institut Florimont.

This set of rules involves a personal commitment to the school and a voluntary effort to maintain discipline.

The enrolment of a student, either by his family or by himself/herself if he or she is of age, implies adherence to this set of rules.

Seven documents (available opposite) complete these school rules:

  • The protection of the child policy
  • The special needs policy
  • The philosophy and missions of the Institut Florimont
  • The evaluation policy
  • The integrity policy
  • The language policy
  • The general and financial conditions

Values and spirituality

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Quality at Florimont

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